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X-Posted from the Yahoo Group

Ok, all Beltaine money is do this Thursday with no exceptions. If for whatever reason you can not pay then you MUST talk to me PERSONALLY so that I can evaluate the situation and find an appropriate solution. The following people are going to Beltaine:

Rene, Jon, Brendan, Sharon, Sam Kim, Amanda, Sharayah, Matt Riggs, Melissa, Raff, Ray, Mary, Sarah, Steve, Roger, Eric the Elven, Brendan Miles, Katelyn Pratt, Cid, Schnapp, Ian, Jess (Bob) and Jessica's unidentified four friends.

Some of you have payed already and I thank you greatly for that. The rest though owe money, you all should know who you are (Amanda you are fine now by the way).

We have also discussed Cars. There are 11 cars total going that will be staying onsite, leaving us with room for extra cars if needed which is fine. We believe all but the following are fine for rides:

Cid, Schnapp, Ian, Jessica, and Jessica's unidentified four friends.

If anyone wants to claim them for driving, you will have the ability to do so on Thursday.

For tents we believe that the following people have extra space THAT WE KNOW OF in their tents:

Raff (4 spaces), Eric (4 spaces), Sam (1 space), Roger (4 spaces)

Those tents alone are able to accomodate the remainder of people who we think do not have tents right now which would be the following (making the assumption that Rene and Jon have their own tent):

Ray, Mary, Katelyn, Cid, Schnapp, Jessica, and Jessica's unidentified four friends.

That leaves plenty of space, and only takes into accounts the tents that we currently know exist.

Food is already being bought. If you want any form of junk food, you best bring it yourself though because there is no junk food on our grocery list this have been warned.

We will discuss Beltaine in depth tommorow but those are just some heads up for all of you to prepare and GET TWENTY DOLLARS OUT OF THE BANK AND INTO MY HANDS!!! *sigh* That is all.
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ah you were correct and I was just reading it to fast.
Actually tho I'm on the list, due to certain circumstances beyond my control I will only be visiting on saturday. So I'm not technically going.
Peace easy : Cid
I can take anyone who needs a ride, we wil be making a breaf stop over in the kim;s vacinity for she has some stuff to get...I also have room in my tent So far I think mary and frank (if they go?) could be filling those spots , But I don't know for sure.